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Business Training

Includes many STEP BY STEP HOW TO's and Helpful Documents in MS Word format to help reinforce the learning process long after the training session is over. Great New ways to use the Internet to Search more effectively.

Mr. Percell is a full-service computer technician with proven principals. He utilizes the latest technologies to provide affordable, reliable and easy-to-use solutions to your computer problems.

Contact Keith Percell for custom solutions in: PLANNING, TROUBLESHOOTING, REPAIR, or TRAINING of Hardware, Networks, Printers, Communications, Telecommuting, Remote Access/Control, Wireless Communications, Computer Telephony, Online Commerce, Marketing Services, Internet/WWW Services, Email & Groupware Systems, Accounting Systems, Desktop Video Conferencing, Multimedia & Imaging and the list goes on. With over 16 years in the Computer Service Industry, Mr. Percell has an extensive background in almost every aspect of computers, from vocational training of adults to making signs with CAD/CAM.